Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The yummies

It's getting to be that time of the year where goodies start arriving at my door. O.k. I actually don't get that many showing up at my door but I would LOVE some. And should the main reason you aren't delivering the goods to my house be because you are in a recipe stump, well you're in LUCK!

Our next activity will be the Recipe Exchange.
Basically email your recipe to so I can put together a little recipe booklet (we'll have hard copies for those who want them and can email to those who want the electronic version instead). Next is the most important part: MAKE that dish and BRING it to share.

Sounds like fun right?

Well it can and only will be with everyone participating and bringing something yummy to taste! Who doesn't like a new recipe? And who doesn't like drooling praise from their peers? I thought so.

Mark your calendars then! Thursday, November 11th! 7-8:30pm. Submit a recipe, make it to bring for tasting and come mingle. Win-win-win!

And if you happen to want to drop off some goodies at my house too....I'll make sure to leave the porch light on for you!


  1. Mahana, call me :) lol it is you, I know it. 480-385-8313 Gwen

  2. I loved the activity we did this was so fun and so many yummy foods...would love to do this kind of activity again...thanks Mahana for making so fun! And all those that helped out!
    Sister Amy Kennedy