Thursday, August 26, 2010


Alright. After much thought and research, we are going to revamp our next activity. It was getting little too complicated and more like just a taste tester thing with no really spiritual value which is really what we should be leaning towards with these activities. Also, originally the purpose was to show how to "hide" veggies in commonly liked foods for those with picky eaters. Then I came across this:

And I agree that the only way to teach good eating habits to our kids (and ourselves) is to show the food in their true form and dress them up in various ways with sauces and spices. Basically Experiment!

So here's another idea.

I want to call it "An Apple a Day--how to feed yourself spiritually"

We'll focus on getting spiritually healthy.

We'll discuss how to do a spiritual check-up and maintain the soul as well.

Then make caramel apples...because 1) we can, 2) they are delicious, and 3) they would symbolize the great inner core you have that you can only make better with piling on the scripture reading, temple attending......yeah I'm stretching but caramel apples sound really good right now.

Thoughts? Added twists to amp up the fun?